by Anthony Jones

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IF THE MOON COULD SING is a collection of songs inspired by the beautiful, terrifying, and inevitable heartbreak of unrequited love. The music is a blend of ethereal, electro, and acoustic performances, which accompany rock-driven vocals


released June 20, 2017

Vocals, Harmonium, Piano: Anthony Jones
Guitars: Danny Price
Bass- Sean Brennan

Produced by Anthony Jones & Danny Price
Mixed & Mastered by Mike Best




all rights reserved


Anthony Jones San Francisco, California

San Francisco’s Anthony Jones is the former vocalist and composer for Alaska Highway, Monastic, and The Point of Reflection. His solo albums are all fundraisers for the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary wolfmountainsanctuary.net

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Track Name: If the Moon Could Sing
If The Moon could sing to The Sun
What would She sing?
If The Moon could be with The Sun
Wouldn't that be something?
Not day or night, just something so right
And the sky would be so bright

It would be a time for you and me
A sacred place for us to be
A sky of blue and filled with stars
And what was theirs was ours.

If The Sun would join the moon
Could the days end soon?
If The Sun would love the moon
Could it be our doom?

Or could it be a time for you and me
A sacred place for us to be
A sky of blue and filled with stars
And what was theirs was ours

If The Moon could
If The sun would
If they both should?
Track Name: Love, Beware (Twilight Boyfriend)
Dragged me into the sun, just to see if I would burn
Pulled you into my arms, let you go. To see if you'd return
Would've left if you asked me to. Thought you'd run when I confessed to you
That you make me feel alive and my heart you revive

I'll carry high above the trees, as high as you dare
I'll carry high above the seas, where we can dance up in the air
Love, Beware

I have a thousand names, but to you let me be The One
You can play a thousand games, but my love will lose to none
Don't want to be your prison, just your sanctuary
And a thousand lifetimes with me could never be ordinary.
Track Name: Your Star as My Guide
Guide me to your galaxy, where your star shines brightly
Lead me to our destiny, where our stars shine brightly
Wake me from this fantasy, where my star shines brightly
Your star will fall upon me.
Track Name: Baba Ganoush
As you go deep into this sleep
My voice all around as you sink down
Just trust in me, I'll help you break free
Abandon the fear that followed you hear

Breathe slow, sink low.
Breathe slow, slower and slower
Sink low, lower and lower.

Give me control, I'll make love to your soul
And guide you to and through the center of you
Under my trance, you and I will dance
With stars above, below, hold to me and don't let go.
Track Name: Left in the Temple (To Burn)
In the sands, you said you felt 'free'
And that this somehow brought you back to me.
But time and again you let me play the fool
And now I know that your heart is cruel

You should have left me in the temple to burn

Will the desert call you back, my friend?
Then, will you feel the same about me once again?
Well, I won't be here waiting for you
The fires have come and they will burn me through

You should have left me in the temple TO BURN!