by Anthony Jones

Let Me In 03:42
Standing at your door, as I've done time and time before Wait for you to see that what you need is me And for you, I'll make the night stand still I won't leave, until I break your will Let you paint my skin with sin, just let me in I'll take you deep, so deep within Just let me in. I hear you moan, when you're in there all alone Close my eyes to see that what you dream is me Remove the cross that hangs above your head And I'll keep you safe and we sink into your bed
Slasher 04:05
Followed you this far baby For you I might be a little crazy And there's no place for you to hide I Am the city you're inside There's no place for you to run The night time is my true kingdom So close your eyes, breath in deeply Surrender to my voice, completely Followed you down below, no, oh no and you know, there's no place to go They say love hurts like a blade I am the weapon your love has made And I will cut you so, so slowly So many times, so your wounds aren't lonely.
And did she break your heart, with music and whispers? Just like all the others, tainted by her many misters. And their punishments fit their crimes As you say "we all go a little mad sometimes" Everyone is dead, now come home to mother You've placed them all to bed and all we have is each other And as you lay down to sleep, you bed the lord your soul to keep But I'm the one beside you, I'm the one who'll always guide you Are you waiting for Someone who'll be much more When will you see That all you have is me?


released December 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Anthony Jones San Francisco, California

San Francisco’s Anthony Jones is the former vocalist and composer for Alaska Highway, Monastic, and The Point of Reflection. His solo albums are all fundraisers for the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

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